Land Surveying

Mohn Surveying, Inc. has been conducting land surveys since 1984, has extensive background in a variety of surveying techniques. 


Hydrographic Surveying

Mohn Surveying, Inc, has been conducting hydrographic surveys throughout the United States of America, especially in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri since 1975. Shallow water hydrographic surveying is our specialty.


Civil Engineering

Mohn Surveying, Inc. provides civil engineering services for all type and sizes of mapping and construction projects. Our licensed civil engineering division has been serving Iowa and Wisconsin, especially Northeast Iowa and Western Wisconsin since 1986.


Drone Services

Mohn Surveying is licensed to operate a UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) or what is commonly called a drone.  Our drone survey services complement our land surveying services, giving us an additional data collection tool for preparation of reports, analyses, and mapping.

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